Twinkle Twinkle – Christmas Trees That Reach For The Stars

Every year, towards the end of November, there is great anticipation and fanfare as capital cities across the world get ready to reveal their showpiece Christmas tree for the upcoming festive season. These gigantic Christmas trees are typically placed in iconic locations such as New York’s Rockefeller Centre, London’s Trafalgar Square, and even Dublin’s own famous thoroughfare – Grafton street.

But what’s been the tallest Christmas tree of them all? Well, surprisingly perhaps, the Guinness Book of Records maintains that the tallest Christmas Tree ever cut was a 221ft Douglas Fir which was showcased outside a shopping mall in Seattle (USA) in the year 1950. There’s a daytime/nighttime split image below which gives you a sense of this epic tree’s immense scale as it towers over the wonderful old Americana style cars parked next to it.

While at Pines and Co we only deliver Christmas trees ranging from 3ft to 13 ft, we do still have some monster firs which have been growing quietly on the farm for a number of years. Check out this particular beauty below that we snapped on the farm only last week! While her neighbours might be going to new homes this year she’ll likely stand guard over the rest of the forest for many moons to come – until maybe New York, London, or Dublin city council come calling for their next majestic festive showstopper!

Finally, it’s worth taking a look at this perfectly timed shot by Tommy Eliassen which was shortlisted for the 2020 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards.

Titled ‘The Christmas Comet’, Tommy took this shot in the northern reaches of Norway – waiting patiently for a scheduled comet to appear in the night sky and then capturing it just as it skirted the top of a beautiful pine tree – talk about a Christmas miracle!

Not had the chance to get your Christmas tree sorted yet? Thank your lucky stars that Pines & Co are here to take the stress out of the festive season for you. All our Christmas tree bundles include a freshly cut Nordmann Fir, home delivery, stand rental, installation, recycling – and of course our five star service! 


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