The Art of The Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees have captivated us for centuries with their distinctive shape, scent, and sense of perpetuity. Back in 2016 Iranian artist Shirazeh Houshiary was commissioned by Tate Britain to develop a piece which would aptly express what the humble Christmas tree meant to her. Her response was this wonderfully thought-provoking ‘upside-down’ Christmas tree that was suspended below the domed ceiling of the famous London gallery’s main atrium.

In discussing her piece, the artist emphasised the significance of the gold plated roots at the top, explaining that her desire was to draw attention to a part of the Christmas tree that most of us never see or even consider. She goes on to further elaborate that the roots offer a poignant symbol of the continued stability and longevity of one of the oldest tree species on the planet. Finally, Houshiary hoped that the piece would encourage viewers to contemplate that  “it is best to seek what is hidden rather than what is apparent”.


Has that mini artistic masterclass put you in the mood for the real thing? Pines & Co can  deliver you one of our beautiful, sustainably grown, Nordmann Fir Christmas trees direct to your home. Stand rental, installation & New Year collection and recycling are also all included in our full-service bundle price. However, please be advised that we will insist on erecting it the right-way-up!

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