Natural Pine Cones – Bag 2.5KG


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A selection of naturally dried pine cones sourced direct from our farm in county Wicklow. Wonderful either as loose decorations or as part of a wider floral arrangement.

Delivered in a handmade jute sack.

Specs :  Cone Size approx. 4cm-5cm



Pine Cones

is the members of the pine family (pines, spruces, firs, cedars, larches, etc.) have cones that are imbricate (that is, with scales overlapping each other like fish scales). These pine cones, especially the woody female cones, are considered the “archetypal” tree cones. The female cone has two types of scale: the bract scales, and the seed scales (or ovuliferous scales), one subtended by each bract scale, derived from a highly modified branchlet. On the upper-side base of each seed scale are two ovules that develop into seeds after fertilization by pollen grains.

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