Fresh Blue Thistle Eryngium




Blue Thistle Eryngium is a unique sense of texture and color which you can add to your arrangements . This gorgeous flower features long, branching stems that are topped with beehive-shaped centers and spiky petals. 

Delivered in a handmade jute sack.

Specs :

Size: 7″-9″ inches
Quantity: 5-7 stems
*Actual product may vary from image



Blue Thistle Eryngium

Blue Thistle Eryngium is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apiaceae. There are about 250 species. Common names include eryngo and amethyst sea holly (though the genus is not related to the true hollies, Ilex). These are annual and perennial herbs with hairless and usually spiny leaves. The dome-shaped umbels of steely blue or white flowers have whorls of spiny basal bracts. Some species are native to rocky and coastal areas, but the majority are grassland plants. Sold with or Premium and deluxe trees

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