Hark, the heating! How to care for your Christmas Tree

We enjoy chestnuts roasting on an open fire as much as the next Christmas connoisseur but when it comes to Christmas trees our advice is to keep them as far away from sources of heat as is practicable! At Pines & Co we only deal in one type of Christmas tree – sustainably grown Nordmann Firs –  a popular variety that tends to stand up to heat and drought better than most. Nevertheless, the genus’ impressive needle retention capabilities can be greatly enhanced by following some simple steps.

First and foremost it’s important to give your tree the best chance of lasting the course of the festive season. To this end, at Pines & Co we always trim the base of our trees prior to delivery. This reopens the pores of the tree which will have sealed up after the initial cut and makes it receptive to hydration once again. Secondly, when installing a Christmas tree, we always advise our clients to pick a location in the room that isn’t taking the brunt of the heat being thrown out by a fire, stove or radiator. Thirdly, all of our Christmas trees are delivered with a suitable cinco stand that includes a watertight reservoir – even our vintage oak barrel stands (see below!). Our team will be more than happy to fill your stand with water upon erecting your Christmas tree – all you have to remember to do is to keep it topped up over the festive season!

Has that crash course in tree care whet your appetite for a premium grade Nordmann Fir?  Let Pines & Co take the heat out of the stressful run-up to Christmas by delivering you one of our beautiful Christmas trees. Delivery, Installation & New Year collection are all included in our full-service bundle price.

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